Rates, Costs and Charges

The Mediator's services are billed at the rate of $300 per hour for time actually expended in the substantive mediation engagement (i.e., preparation for and conduct of the session.) No separate charge is made for case administrative work relating to the opening of the engagement, to scheduling, or other logistical matters. Unless otherwise agreed, the total charges for the Mediator's service are shared equally by the participants. Separate invoices are issued after the mediation, showing the time expended, the aggregate charges, and each party's allocable share. If expenses are incurred in the engagement, those will be noted (at cost) in the final invoice and also divided equally.

Case Budget Estimates

Parties may wish to have an estimate of likely time requirements for the mediation. Although the actual time expended will vary with the complexity of the case and the bulk of submitted materials, past experience indicates that most cases fall in a range between five and ten hours of billed mediator time for completion. A case budget will be provided if the parties request it. If parties have special budget constraints or expectations, please discuss them with us.

Invoicing and Payment

Invoices will be sent promptly after completion of the mediation. Since mediation engagements are usually requested by attorneys, we look to counsel to be responsible for the payment for mediation services. In many instances, counsel will look to the client for direct payment or for reimbursement, but we expect counsel to pay the charges or to cause the charges to be paid timely. Payment is due on presentation of the invoice; past due at 30 days thereafter.


Applicable to counsel who have not established a credit history with LMS, LLC. At the time of confirmation and scheduling of the mediation date, an invoice will be sent, requesting payment of an advance of $500, to be credited against final billing (or refunded in the event of cancellation without rescheduling.)

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